Science & Technology News from Latin America– April 2014


Swiss Science & Technology / Embaixada da Suíça

News on science, technology, education and innovation in Latin America. Published by the Swiss Science & Technology Office in Brazil.

Table of Contents

Investigators describe the mechanism involved in the regulation of a plants response to light.
CONICET scientists develop active and biodegradable food packaging.
More effective vaccines.
High power wind turbines will be manufactured in the province of Chubut.

Brazil becomes one of the first to adopt Internet ‘Bill of Rights´.
Global network swissnex opens its doors in Rio de Janeiro.
Brazilian neosatellite close to launch.
Government will strengthen research focused on competitiveness.

Chile may soon be home to a new high technology telescope.
Explanation found for Chile's fossil whale graveyard.

Science & Technology Events

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Adaptation Futures 2014

Fortaleza, CE

12-16 May 2014

6th International Conference on environmental Education and Sustainability

Bertioga, SP

12-16 May 2014

European Tour of Brazil – Minas Gerais

Belo Horizonte, MG

15 May 2014