New SWISSCAM employee: Pamela Alves



I believe that the role of the internationalist is not limited to promoting relations between countries, but also includes leaving each place in the ​​world better than ​we found​ it​​​, paraphrasing the Anglo-Ghanaian philosopher ​​Kwame Appiah. These improvements ​can be achieved by establishing good relations between countries, such as the relations between Brazil and Switzerland, which have remained firm throughout the political turbulence that Brazil has been facing in recent years - ​circumstances that have changed the ​B​razilian profile on international relations.

My career in International Relations starts at UNESP in 2013. I joined SWISSCAM in June as Administrative ​and Events ​Assistant, a few months after graduating​​​. My greatest experiences came from the ​academic ​events ​organized by a group that I took part throughout the course. The profiles of the events I used to promote and those we promote in SWISSCAM ​​are quite different​, even though they often have common developments and problems. Therefore, I am having a great opportunity to ​​take ​over this position, since the learning and ​​experiences that I have gained since my ​start are enriching and profitable for an internationalist ​​at the beginning of ​the career. It is a great joy to be part of the SWISSCAM team, where I have the opportunity to work with very qualified people in a good environment.

I hope to maximize results and be a part, even if small, of good bilateral relations Swiss-Brazilian.


Date : 2017-07-08 19:03:21