New rule of the Brazilian Central Bank to companies with foreign shareholders


G. Jacintho
The Brazilian Central Bank issued Circular 3,814/16, amended by Circular 3822 from January 01 2017, which establish new rule to Brazilian Companies with foreign shareholders.

Among the new rules, there is a new filing requirement regarding the bookkeeping of the local company that should be reported to the Brazilian Central Bank.

According to the circular, some companies should already provide their Balance Sheet and updated bookkeeping at the RDE/IED from Sisbacen until March 31 2018.

- Companies that receive Foreign Capital, with Net Equity and assets below R$ 250 Million, should manually update their data until March 31 2018, regarding to December 31 database from the previous year;

- Companies that receive Direct Foreign Investment, with Net Equity and assets equal or superior to R$ 250 Million will have to file their reports on a quarterly basis, obeying the following dates:


  • Until June 30

Data base from March 31 

  • Until September 30

Database from June 30 

  • Until December 31

Database until September 30 

  • Until March 31 of the following year
Starting on February. Database from December 31.


Companies that do not comply with these rules will be subject to fines and other penalties, as provided by Resolução 4.104 from the Brazilian Central Bank.