Message of President

Emanuel Baltis

Annual Report 2013; pag. 19

In year two of my presidency of the Swiss-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce we leveraged the good work from the past year and brought the chamber to the next level of delivering top services to our esteemed members.

As 2012 key members´feedback indicated the importance of getting closer to Brazilian as well as to Swiss Governments in which SWISSCAM could play an important role of bridging the members interest we intensified the collaboration with the parliamentary group "Brazil-Switzerland" which was already reactivated in the second semester of 2012. As an important step towards providing Brazilian Congressmen a broader picture of the Swiss Industry and its key values for the Brazilian wealth fare the Swiss Embassy with joint effort of our SWISSCAM office and members support organised a one week trip for Brazilian Congressmen who form part of "grupo parlamentar Brasil-Suíça". I personally had accompanied them during this trip and could provide them additional insights which turned out to be key success factors for this mission.

The group has learned more about Switzerland than chocolate, cheese and bank accounts. They have been offered deep insights into the food, watchmaking, pharmaceutical & chemical as well as insurance and reinsurance industries. They also learned about the research, development, strategic planning and academic collaboration these industries promote.

The group made an official visit to the Swiss parliament where they met their Swiss counterparts of the group "Switzerland-Latin America", the president of the Swiss Senate, Mr. F. Lombardi, as well as secretary of State Mr. Y. Rossier. At one evening, they have been invited by the Brazilian Ambassador, Mr. I. Kipmann at his residence for a reception.

Traditionally our members have a chance to meet with the members of the Swiss government when visiting Brazil. In July of 2013, Federal Councillor Doris Leuthard, responsible for the ministries Energy, Communication, Transport and Environment has been visiting Brazil. During our meeting, we proposed to councillor Leuthard and her delegation an insight into the Brazilian
economy based on historic facts, presented by economist Paulo Rabelo, and a capoera show, followed by a standing dinner together with our members.

Inspired by the political-economical collaboration of SWISSCAM with different governmental entities of Brazil and Switzerland we initiated a new working committee that focuses on the governmental relations. Within this group, companies should have the possibility to join forces in order to outline common issues toward governmental entities. Some action has been taken within this group, including a meeting with members of the Swiss senate on visit to Brazil. The committee shall be fully operational in 2014.

As being some of the key services SWISSCAM offers to their members our other working groups attracted a growing number of participants due to our improvements in our communication technologies and processes as well as the attractive subjects covered. A total of 30 committee meetings have been held. Our latest working group has initiated in 2013 and covers the topic "Supply Chain".

As key highlights of seminars we attracted an interested audience on topics such as "issues around technical support service from abroad" and "current payroll issues" as well as the business breakfast event with insights on the new federal "Siscoserv"-tool.

At our traditional Presidents' Club we received the CEO of IBOPE Intelligencia, Mrs. Márcia Cavallari. She gave us an insight on Scenarios and Trends of the Brazilian Market and the Political Climate for the 2014 Elections.

Although the Brazilian GDP growth figures for 2012 have caused a rather unpromising outlook on 2013, we managed to handle more projects and business case studies for Swiss companies last year than the year before.

With the nomination of SWISSCAM board member, Christian Hanssen, to Director of Events and Marketing we will bring SWISSCAM to the next level of supporting Swiss companies at different trade fairs with the traditional Swiss Pavilion and other future plat forms. Last year we focused on the yearly dental meeting CIOSP, Hospitalar fair, the fair for machines and tooling FEIMAFE as well as the environmental fair FIMAI. We have also given logistical support to our partner Switzerland Global Enterprise (formerly called OSEC) in the organization of a pavilion at the meeting of the plastics industry FEIPLASTIC.

To extend the visibility of Swiss companies we are exploring other trade fairs in other industries in which we could offer our Swiss Pavilion platform.

At our general assembly we listened to the "Perspectives of the Brazilian Economy" by Mr. Marcelo Gaspari Cirne de Toledo, Superintendent Economist of the Bradesco Banks' research department. During this annual event last year we as well did fare well our esteemed colleagues from the Embassy, General Consulate and the Swiss Business Hub. Mr Embassador Wilhelm Meier and General Consul Hans Hauser had announced their retirement in 2013 and Diplomat Martin Matter from SBH had announced his move from Brazil to Vienna to work for the UN.

SWISSCAM enjoyed a great relationship with all three gentlemen and we did celebrate well their change in career and life section.

Change is part of our life and SWISSCAM had already the opportunity to continue such a good working relationship with our new Embassador, Andre Regli, General Consul, Claudio Leoncavallo as well as SBH head Thomas Foerst. We were very much impressed about the direct and speedy engagement of our Embassador, General Consul and SBH manager in our members activities and supporting us in our mission.

2014 is the year of excitement in Brazil and we all try to manage to make this a success for us all, even though, there can be only one winner of the soccer world cup and guess which team will be my favourite ! Apart from this exciting event, on the political landscape we will as well have some challenges ahead as well as putting Brazil back to a strong BRICS country.

With joint forces we have the power to change and influence the future to prosperous levels.

People are key to success and I therefore would like to express as well my thanks to our members of the board as well as to the SWISSCAM Team who is working very dedicated to deliver a premium service to our members.